New Orleans’ Saint Louis Cathedral has a long and illustrious history.

A vacation to New Orleans will include a stop in the French Quarter, where you may take in the sights that are distinctive to the city. The Cathedral of St. Louis King of France, also known as St. Louis Cathedral, is a short walk from Jackson Square. Due to its widespread use in films and TV shows, your view of the Cathedral, with its three spires and a monument of Andrew Jackson in the foreground, is one of the most recognisable in The French Quarter.


The oldest Roman Catholic Cathedral in continuous use in the United States is St. Louis Cathedral. It is located between the Cabildo, which served as the site of the Louisiana Purchase, and the Presbytere, which served as a courthouse. The Cathedral is built in the brick-between-posts style, popular in New Orleans until the mid-nineteenth century. A centre spire is flanked by two lesser ones, for a total of three spires. In 1819, the church received a bell tower with a clock. A New Orleans clockmaker acquired the watch and its bell in Paris and brought it to New Orleans. The bell still chimes the hour.

The Formative Years

The Archdiocese of New Orleans’ mother church is St. Louis Cathedral, dedicated to France’s sainted Louis IX, King of France. Adrien De Pauger, a French engineer who died before the chapel was finished, chose the site for the church in 1721. He requested to be buried in the incomplete structure, and it is assumed that he was. The old system remained on the site for about six decades before being destroyed by fire in 1788. The Cathedral of the Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas was built in the same place and dedicated on Christmas Eve, 1794. During the church’s early years, both the poor and the upper crust of New Orleans attended services, were baptised, married, and had their funeral rites performed there.

Father Antonio de Sedella, also known as Pere Antoine, served as pastor of the church from 1788 to 1790 and then from 1795 to 1829. His body was buried at the church.

Years Later

The church was rebuilt in 1850, using very little of the former structure’s bricks and cement. The rebuilding aimed to match the church’s size and shape to the surrounding structures, which Baroness Pontalba designed in a mix of Creole, Parisian, and Greek Revival architecture. In 1915, the Cathedral was hit by a hurricane, and again in 2005, Hurricane Katrina caused damage to the pipe organ due to a roof leak. Inside the Cathedral, there are ten stained-glass windows showing scenes from Louis IX’s life, paintings, and a golden altar, among other works of art.


Throughout its history, the Cathedral of St. Louis has hosted several notable guests. French and Spanish governors once worshipped there. Andrew Jackson visited New Orleans in 1840, the site of his victory over the British at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. In his honour, service was performed at the Cathedral. In the Place d’Armes, now known as Jackson Square, a statue of Jackson was built. In 1847, President Zachary Taylor attended church services at the Cathedral. The citizens of New Orleans praised Taylor as a hero of the Mexican War. Pope John Paul II, who paid a historic visit to the Cathedral in 1987, was one of the most notable visitors. In his honour, the plaza in front of the Cathedral was called. Following the pope’s visit, the Cathedral was elevated to the status of Basilica.

The Best Things to Do in St. Louis on a Budget

Every Midwestern city has its hidden treasures, but when it comes to free things to do. Here are some of the greatest discounts in St. Louis (be sure to add in parking expenses).

1) Zoo in Saint Louis

Visit one of the country’s best zoos early in the morning. On its 90 acres, there are 19,000 animals. Extras like the Sea Lion Show, Zooline Railroad, and Conservation Carousel are not free.

2) National Park of the Gateway Arch

Pose for photos beneath St. Louis’ magnificent Arch (the nation’s tallest landmark at 630 feet). However, if you want to ride to the top of the Arch, you’ll have to pay.

3) Muny Park

Come early to get one of the 1,500 free seats in the last nine rows of St. Louis’ iconic Forest Park theatre on a first-come, first-served basis. Bring the kids for family shows or make it a date night with musical classics. At 7 p.m., the doors to the free seats open.

4) Ballpark Village is a fun place to visit. Head across the street from Busch Stadium to see a St. Louis Cardinals game with fans without paying for a seat. The old ball stadium’s diamond was left untouched by the Ballpark Village entertainment complex (which includes a Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum and Cardinals National Restaurant) so fans may run the bases and watch games on the enormous outdoor screen.

In a casino, the Worst Decisions You Can Make

If casino advertisements were to be believed, each one would be a glistening palace where beverages flowed freely, blackjacks never ceased, and chips fell from the heavens. But it’s not that easy. There’s enough jargon (what’s a nickel? ), etiquette (don’t celebrate if everyone else loses), and unstated esportsbetting rules (don’t jinx a hot shooter) to make your head spin.

I’ve made stupid mistakes and observed countless others after spending an embarrassing amount of my twenties (both years and money) in casinos. Could you not make the same mistake as me? In a casino, don’t do any of these things.

You’re hoping to win money.

Dispel this notion as soon as possible. There’s a reason no one is launching new Blockbuster franchises these days: there’s no money in it. Casinos, on the other hand, are springing up all over the place. There are about 1,500 in the United States alone, and it’s because they’ve shown to be profitable. Not to be confused with Chris Moneymaker, an inexperienced poker player who revolutionised the game in 2003. Casinos, on the other hand, gain money thanks to something known as the house advantage. Sure, you can win cash, but you won’t if you play long enough.

Getting ready to pay the rent

Possibly a continuation of the initial concept, but with a more egregiously idiotic example. You aren’t Lola from the movie Run Lola Run. However, if you are Lola from Run Lola Run, I appreciated your performance in The Bourne Identity. I’m still not convinced about how you got such a nice haircut after Matt Damon chopped your hair off in the water.

Returning to the ATM

Know how much money you’re willing to spend in a certain amount of time. Bring it to the table, and if you misplace it, head to the bar for a break. You won’t be able to get your money back. “My pacemaker can’t take this,” he kept screaming as he watched a man on a fixed income lose $10,000 in three hours. That’s how a pacemaker is obtained in the first place.

Taking out a loan from a friend

It’s like going back to the ATM, only you won’t be sharing a room with it, and the ATM won’t send you an email next week asking where its money is.

Having to pay for your drinks

If you are, there are only two possibilities: you are either in a casino that does not comp beverages, indicating that you are not in Las Vegas, or you have no idea what you’re doing. If it’s the latter, don’t get your hopes up too high about the kind of place you’re putting your money into. Many states have regulations restricting the distribution of free drinks. If the latter is the case, you’re simply wasting your time and money.

Getting your drink on the table and spilling it

This isn’t a casino-specific blunder. When you spill a drink in a pub, you appear like a jerk. However, spilling your drink in a casino amplifies your folly by a factor of ten: with a simple flick of the wrist, you’ve caused your table to close and everyone at it to relocate to a new lucky table. What about a trip to the casino? You know that both crusty and friendly types despise having to leave the warm chair they’ve been sitting in for hours. Make use of the cupholder.

You haven’t given your waitress a tip.

She doesn’t dress up and carry drinks because she enjoys being addressed as “Honey” and having insurance salesmen in town for a conference ogle her. You can afford to offer her a buck for every drink if you’re willing to lose your money at a table game.

I am not leaving a tip for your dealer.

He doesn’t put on that vest and lug cards around because he enjoys being addressed. You got the joke, right? It doesn’t matter what happens to your bank account, and it would help if you always tip your dealer. Get them in the game with a little bit. They normally pool the money and divide it among the crew. Put a $5 chip up there for the dealer now and then if you’re betting $20 per hand. If both of you win, you both win. They keep the tip even if you both lose.

Mobile Casino Games by NetEnt

NetEnt has always been a force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry. They’ve been around since 1996, and they’re one of today’s most innovative and intriguing game developers. Furthermore, All Slots Online and Mobile Casino provide some of the most popular titles. These include fantastic online pokies games, a few of which we’ll go over in more detail below.

NetEnt’s Best Online Slots

NetEnt is a well-known software company that has gathered an incredible number of high-quality titles over the years. Their portfolio comprises a diverse range of games to suit a wide range of personal preferences, budgets, and experience levels. NetEnt, together with Microgaming and Red Tiger, offers a great collection of online and mobile casino games at All Slots. What are some of the most popular NetEnt games being played here, though? Let’s have a look at what we’ve got.

Cluster Pays – Aloha!

Aloha! in a tropical island environment, Cluster Pays is a true joy to play. It has the exciting Cluster Pays principle, Substitution symbols, Stacked Symbols, Sticky Win Re-Spins, and an engaging Free Spins and Symbol Drop feature and is played over six reels five rows. Bright, colourful graphics and dynamic music round out the package. This game has a lot to offer, including a volcano that erupts whenever you win and clusters of matching symbols that expand in size and value.

Pro Joker

NetEnt’s Joker Pro is likely to appeal to players who prefer games inspired by traditional pokies machines. Joker Pro is a basic game that is both easy to comprehend and fun to play. Its appearance is often bright and colourful, with symbols such as the joker’s hat and classically influenced BARs, bells, and jewels. There are five reels and three rows in this game, ten pay lines and some interesting bonuses such as the fiery Hot Spin Win and the lively Joker Pro Re-Spins.

The Legend Of Jack And The Beanstalk

The delightful and innovative Jack and the Beanstalk online pokies game is about a journey for prosperity. This NetEnt masterpiece, based on the classic storey, includes all of the hallmarks of their successful games, including colourful visuals, crystal-clear sound, seamless gameplay, and amusing features. Wild Re-Spins, a Treasure Collection round with Free Spins, and its unique Walking Wilds, where all gains incurred with Wilds are quadrupled, are among the highlights of this 5-reel, 20-pay line slot. Jack and the BeanstalkTM is a graphically stunning game that takes players on a thrilling voyage on the reels.

Butterfly Staxx (Butterfly Staxx) is

Butterfly Staxx is a stunning game that brings us to a shimmering realm of lovely butterflies and blooming flowers. Butterfly Staxx is a 5-reel, 4-row slot with 40 pay lines that include Butterfly Spins, Re-Spins, and Wild substitutions, all while a piece of soothing music plays in the background. Scatter symbols trigger the Butterfly Spins feature. Only Cocoon symbols — some active, some dormant – appear on the reels after the game. The dynamic Cocoon symbols appear to land before converting into Butterfly symbols. This wonderful game flies high on enjoyment and potential rewards while providing a lovely experience.

Video Slots by Guns N’ Roses

NetEnt’s Guns N’ Roses Video Slots could be the answer for those looking for a more edgy, rock ‘n roll game. This thrilling online pokies game is themed after the iconic band that had huge hits in the 1980s and 1990s, and it includes five of the band’s most spectacular songs, providing a genuine soundtrack for players to enjoy. Expanding Wilds, Solo Multipliers, Legend Spins, a Bonus Wheel, an Encore Free Spins feature, and the Crowd-Pleaser and Appetite for Destructions Bonus rounds are just a few of the wonderful features found in Guns N’ Roses Video Slots. This is one game that rocks hard, with five reels and 20 pay lines.

At All Slots, NetEnt

NetEnt’s great reputation produces high-quality games with stunning graphics, pitch-perfect sound effects, smooth gameplay, easy navigation, and fascinating features. They’ve also made full use of any technical developments to make their games as current as feasible. This means that many of their online casino pokies games have been designed to be enjoyed on various platforms, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. As a result, no matter what screen size is used, these optimised games have superb aesthetics and audio accompaniments.

NetEnt, along with other software suppliers, including Microgaming, Red Tiger, and Evolution Gaming, offers many games to players at All Slots Online and Mobile Casino. As a result, All Slots, which is fully licenced and eCOGRA-certified, provides top-notch amusement in a completely safe, secure, and responsible gaming environment.

Slot Machine Cha Cha Cha

The Cha Cha Cha slot machine is one of the most popular bar slots all about live casino in Italy. In fact, Slot Machine Cha Cha Chane in recent years many commercial activities that have hosted this game, become very famous among fans especially for the special symbol of the bomb, which allows to transform all the symbols adjacent to it into the same symbol, thus creating areas very suitable for the creation of winning combinations. In this article, we’ll discover together the features of the Cha Cha Cha slot machine, from the most technical details to the most obvious details in the game.

Technical Details

This slot belongs to the Category of Comma 6a, the first category of bar slots that have made effective changes to offer a fairer and safer game, impossible to tamper with and the highest payouts of the previous categories. The cost for each individual game is equal to 1st, even if you can get up to 4 euros per accumulated energy. The maximum payout per game is 100 euros, while bets can be multiples of 0.25 euros up to a maximum of 1st per game. With a traditional display of 3 lines and 5 (virtual) reels, on the Cha Cha Cha slot machine you can bet on 5, 10 or 25 paylines depending on how many you want to select.

How to Play

As we said at the opening, a feature of the Cha Cha Cha Cha slot machine is that of the bomb symbol. This symbol appears randomly, so there is no need to perform any special procedures to make it appear. Once it appears, however, it can radically change the player’s game as it can see the entire game display transformed into the same symbol.

Another feature of the Cha Cha Cha cha slot machine is that of the Cross Fever, the “fever of the cross”, that is, a particular moment when on the display some identical symbols lock (to form a cross of five symbols). From that moment on, a free spin phase kicks off that will help you get as many winning combinations as possible.

Tricks for the Cha Cha Cha Cha Slot Slot

If you want to list some tricks that you can use to optimize bets on this game we can definitely recommend to bet on the maximum available paylines, in order to take full advantage of the potential of this game. Another trick for the Cha Cha Cha Cha slot machine is to count the winnings obtained by groups of five games. In case you pay 3 times in a row 3 games out of 5, then the slot is very loaded and is going to pay a great premium. Another trick is to check if the slot is loaded or not: if you win and the payment is made with 50 cent coins, it means that the slot is downloaded (someone else won just before you) and therefore it will be better to find another slot to play. Try it and good luck!

The New Forest – Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary


A must see when you visit the New Forest is a trip to Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary and the Ornamental Drive. A beautiful drive to get here and a trip that is worth a whole day or to come back again and again. A very happy day can easily be spent here for the whole family.

In case you didn’t know the New Forest National park was once the hunting grounds of the former kings of England, and some of the ancient traditions are still practiced today by the commoners.


Saint-Louis Senegal


In the north-west of Senegal, near the mouth of the Senegal River, lies the town of Saint-Louis, capital of French Senegal from 1673 until independence in 1960.

The centre of the old colonial city lies on a narrow island in the river, measuring just 2 km (1.2 mi) long by about 400 in (1,312 ft) wide, although the modern city now sprawls on the mainland either side of bolderwood deer sanctuary. (more…)