Entering occupied grizzly bear habitat (and comments)

I took this video this summer in the Gallatin National Forest. The quality is a bit sketchy due to Youtube’s policy.

I want to thank all the readers of the Wilderness-Sportsman. I look forward to continuing into the New Year. Our readership has tripled over the last few months, which is pretty remarkable.

I look forward to providing more daily updates on conservation news. We will also be adding more Ted Williams articles and more multimedia camping knowledge everybody ought to follow as well.

Hopefully 2007 will offer up many wilderness bills due to the new Democratic control of congress. With Pombo and his ilk gone, the activities of the House should be more agreeable to conservaton bolderwood deer sanctuary minded public lands users.

Have a great year, and enjoy *your* public lands!

See Estimating Grizzly Bear Distribution and Abundance article here.

Entering occupied grizzly bear habitat (and comments)