Can Reading Be a Sport?


There are numerous debates both live and on the internet concerning of which human activities can be considered as sports. One of the definitions is of which defined sports using these sets of criteria: a sport must be; a human activity involving physical skill and exertion, governed by a set of rules or customs, and undertaken competitively and capable of achieving a result. Combining other connotations of a sport boils down to generally involving physical movement and victory as its core.

Considering that this topic is still ln debates, just how important is this to cause such stir enough to make people go passionate in defending its definition?

Well, going back to the day when high technology is not yet a thing, our forefathers survived through unforgiving weather with bonfires as their heating system, had meals without paying for it, and drinking water straight from the mountains. How could they possibly have done that? As for the food, it was through hunting. Hunting involves various physical and mental exertions. It exercises one’s agility, patience, focus, and determination.

You see, it is not only in hunting that requires mental exercise. There are activities considered by many as sports like basketball, soccer, ice hockey, all of which require focus, planning, and estimation. But how can we strengthen our mental capability? We can think of many mental drills such as solving crosswords, puzzles, playing scrabble, and engaging in memorization exercises packs. The above mentioned can be achieved in a single activity, and that is through reading.

The Benefits We Can Get From Readin

One, it broadens our vocabulary. Encountering unfamiliar words is inevitable when reading someone else’s work which then forces us to look for the meaning for better understanding. Two, it improves our memory and focus. Reading requires us to familiarize certain things such as the names of the characters in the novel we are reading, their history of what made them who they are in the present, the hidden message between the lines, the plot twists, and the turns of the story. Three, it is a way to relieve stress. All of us have been in a stressful situation; it could be in our workplace, had trouble with the job itself, struggling with school, or even at home. It is healthy to free our minds of stressful things and a good book can be a great distractor. Four, it is an analytic thinking booster. Studies have found that reading can improve one’s general knowledge and enhances one’s ability to notice patterns quicker than others who are less exposed to reading. Five, it is an inexpensive form of entertainment. Books can cost nearly to none as libraries all over the world are available and allow us to borrow books from them.

Even the sports that require most of the physical activity needs mental conditioning. We can be as physically fit as we can but without a well-conditioned mind backing us up, we would be as good as useless. Keep in mind, “our mental health is as important as our physical health”.

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